John Trimis's software and other interesting things

This would be a windows application that associates an application with a network interface. Routing all data from that application through that network interface. This would only really be useful when connecting to vpns. Certain applications could be forced not to use the vpn connection, so they wouldn't lose connectivity when a vpn connection is made.

Asterisk callout voicemail
This would be an asterisk script or external AGI that when a voicemail is recieved it dials out a phone number associated with that extension, reads out caller information and plays the voicemail message.
Multiplayer Notepad
This would be an editor which reports all activity back to a server. Many users could concurrently edit documents and see the alterations the others are doing in realtime. Basically eliminating the need for check out/check in/commit versioning systems. XMLRPC over http client to server connections making it neutral. Clients could be in javascript, flash, plugins could be made for and MSOffice. Server can be php or jsp.
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